Best boiler for a small property

Best boiler for a small property

Buying a new boiler is an investment and it is important to select a boiler that will function efficiently for your property. When choosing a boiler you must consider the size of your property and the usage that your boiler will need to operate at.

If you have a small house or flat and you install a boiler that is too powerful for your needs then you will be paying higher energy bills unnecessarily.

We generally class a small home to be that of 1-3 bedrooms with a max of 3 bath (Although a 3 bed 3 bath house is not small, it can generally be heated with a Combi boiler which are not suitable for larger scale peoperties).

In this property size range, the heating generated from a gas combi boiler will be sufficient and they do not require storage tanks that take up more space which is an important consideration in a small property.

Things to understand about boiler sizes

When we talk about boiler sizes we are generally talking about the output of Kilowatts more than the actual size of the unit. KW refers to the production of energy that the boiler is pumping out as heating. If you have a large home with higher energy demands then you will require more KW, if you own a smaller home or flat with less demand then you will need a boiler that has a lower KW output.

Bigger is not always best

The boiler output must meet the needs of your home. Although very high-efficiency boilers can indeed save money, you will not see this value unless the components of your system are sized in line with your energy needs.

It is all about running on the highest optimal efficiency possible. This is how you will see lower energy costs, and to do this you need to install a heating system that fits the needs of your home as closely as possible. It is not simply true that a big efficient boiler will save you money, in fact fitting a boiler like that in a small home that does not require that output will end up costing you more money.

best boiler for a small homer

What are the best boilers for a small property?

We tend to recommend a combi boiler for a small property. They are available in three different outputs so there is still flexibility there to choose the right one to meet your energy demands.

The three kW sizes:

24 to 27 kW 

Ideal for a flat or small home. We generally recommend consisting of 1-2 bed 8-10 average size radiators and a bathroom.

28 to 34kw

Ideal for slightly large properties consisting of 2 or 3 beds 2 bathrooms and up to a max of 15 radiators.

35 to 42 kW

This size combi boiler will generate enough heat for 3-4 bed, 3 bath property with up to 20 radiators. For a property larger than this you may need to look for an alternative to a combi boiler.

Using the guidelines above will help you determine the right size boiler for a smaller property. This is only a guide and as well as thinking about the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and radiators, you may also need to consider:

Flow rate:

The flow rate with a combi boiler to produce a nice shower on average is about 13 litres per minute. This means the amount of water that will go through the system to showers, taps etc me minute while the boiler is in use. If you require a higher flow rate you will need a bigger boiler. If you are in doubt all boiler manufacturers will provide information regarding the flow rate of the model you are looking at.

Water pressure:

This is only really an issue for older properties that are not connected to the mains water supply. If your property is not connected to the mains and you have low water pressure then you may require a bigger boiler.

Some of the best boilers for small properties:

Below you can see our choice of the best combi boiler for each of the 3 KW sizes. We have selected ideal boilers, not through bias as we are MAX accredited ideal installers but because we genuinely feel that they offer the best value considering the extended 10-12 year manufacturers warranty available.

combi boiler small property

ideal Logic Max C24

combi boiler small home

ideal Logic Max

combi boiler small house

ideal Vogue Max

When you install a combi boiler you do not need to be concerned about getting high energy bills. As the combi boiler provides hot water on demand it is extremely energy efficient. You can view our previous guide to combi boilers here.

As expert gas engineers and boiler insallers, we would be happy to visit your property and provide you with a no-obligation quote for installation. Our engineer can discuss your energy needs with you and offer advice on selecting the correct boiler size for your needs

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