Best Combi Boilers for 2020

Best value combi boiler for 2020

Installing a new boiler in your home is not a cheap undertaking. In these uncertain times, many people will be looking to make their money go further by getting the best deal available.


As heating professionals who understand the difference between price and value for money, we have selected the top 2 boilers currently on the market that offer the best price/quality ratio. We consider factors such as price, warranty length, efficiency and expected boiler life.


Worcester Greenstar 30i


The Worcester Greenstar 30i Combi is one of the best combi-boilers available at for 2020. It is not new to the market and is still extremely popular, this shows that it has performed very well in the market due to its reliability and efficiency.


Its controls are easy to navigate and it is simple to use. One of the downsides is that the flue needs to be purchased separately. As your installer we will take care of that for you then you have everything you need to get it installed quickly.


The Greenstar 30i was designed to suit small to medium properties. The hot water control and performance is very high, It is one of the highest-rated combi boilers by consumers throughout the UK.


“In terms of price-quality ratio these are the top two combi boilers on the market. For me, the Ideal Vogue Max just takes the win, due to the extended warranty and lower price”

Luke Mann

Ideal Vogue Max 26 (ErP) Combi

The Ideal Vogue Max combi is the same boiler as the Ideal Vogue Gen2 combi with a few additional features and a longer warranty. As Ideal MAX Accredited installers we can offer an even longer warranty on this excellent boiler, we will cover this in greater detail later.

 The Ideal Vogue C26 GEN2 combi is a great example of boiler innovation combining modern technology with quality components to bring the next step in domestic heating intelligence.

This Ideal boiler is not only premium in style and design but it has premium performance statistics too! This is probably our favourite boiler on the market due to its incredible reliability and value for money. Because of its fully insulated casing, it is also one of the quietest boilers on the market today.

As ideal MAX Accredited installers, at LM Plumbers Worcester we can offer you an extended warranty of 12 years on this model.


  • Extended 12-year warranty!
  • A-Rated
  • Back-lit, easy-to-use controls
  • Excellent value for money

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