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Do you need a new boiler?

We are on-hand to offer you friendly local advice so you can choose the right system for your home. Contact our Worcester boiler replacement team if you have any questions and book your free home inspection.

12 Year Warranty

As MAX accredited boiler installers we can offer you the market-leading boilers with up to 12 years warranty. We guarantee that we will find you the best warranty available.

After years of experience, LM Plumbers Worcester only works with the best boiler brands. MAX Accredited, We install only the most efficient & reliable boilers

Honest Advice

There are many types of boilers out there and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Our boiler installation expert will guide & advise you to make the right choice for your home.

Fixed Quote

We will visit your home and perform an inspection. No salesperson is involved, just a Gas Safe boiler installation expert who will provide you with honest advice and a fixed price quote.

0% Interest FREE Credit available

Replace your boiler or cylinder with a new model from as little as £22.50* per month, Interest-FREE credit up to 2 years! Ask our boiler installation experts for a FREE quote today.

Boiler Replacement Made Easy

Have a look at this animated video explaining the process of getting your new boiler fitted with LM Plumbers Worcester.

3 Steps to Your New Boiler

We make the process of installing your new boiler as easy as possible. Our expert engineers will offer guidance to make sure that you have the right system for your property.

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1. FREE Inspection

Contact us to arrange a FREE inspection. A local Gas Safe engineer will visit your property and provide a fixed price, no obligation quote.

2. Installation

We will book a date for installation that suits you. Our expert will install your system and leave your home exactly as they found it. No hassle, no fuss.

Boiler installation worcester

3. Guarantee

For your peace of mind, we guarantee all parts and labour as part of our aftercare service ensuring you are 100% satisfied with the work.

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Since our formation back in 2010, maintaining the highest level of workmanship & service has been a top priority. We are 100% customer focused and that is reflected in the high volume of referrals we receive.

Enjoy Our Price Fix Guarantee

We always provide fixed quotes upfront before starting any work. Rest assured that the price you are quoted will always be the final price. No add-ons & no surprises

The Best Brands at GREAT Prices

Installing a new boiler is a costly undertaking. That´s why we’ve negotiated exclusive deals with our suppliers that can provide you with  top quality boilers at the best prices. Call us today for some of the best value boilers in the Midlands.

As MAX Accredited installers we give you peace of mind by providing you with the best offers on the market. Get up to 12 years warranty on top of the range  boilers. Call us & arrange a FREE inspection today.

Save £200 p.a. With A-rated Boilers

At LM Plumbers we install the most energy-efficient A-rated boilers from the UK´s leading brands. Installing an energy-efficient boiler in your home can save you over £200 p.a. in energy costs.

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Expert boiler installation

We strive to get your new boiler installed and working perfectly within 24 hours. It can sometimes take longer but we always go the extra mile to make sure that you have hot water ASAP.

fREE magnetic filter for your new boiler

We protect your new boiler from limescale and rust. By Installing a FREE magnetic filter worth over £115 your boiler will stay clean and work more efficiently saving you money and reduce risk of future boiler problems.

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We Support our NHS Heroes

At LM Plumbers Worcester we support our NHS workers with discounts on our services. They perform tirelessly every day and this is our small thank you. Go to & and see how you can help

MAX Accredited Boiler Installation Worcester

A new boiler doesn’t have to break the bank. We understand that choosing a new boiler can be daunting, LM Plumbers Worcester will help you find the perfect boiler for your property and budget.

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What new boiler should you choose?

If you're looking for boiler installation Worcester you may have some questions. There are many types of boiler out there, so how do you select the right one? Below we have compiled a list of the main boilers and their pros & cons. Please call to speak to an expert, we are here to answer your questions.

Combi boilers provide heating and hot water on demand. A key benifit of the combi boiler is the fact that they do not require tanks or cylinders making it a more compact space saving option. One of the negative aspects of the combi is the lack of a backup immersion, so if the boiler breaks you will be left with no hot water until your boiler is repaired.

The regular boiler or heat only boiler as it is sometimes called requires storage tanks. Unlike the combi boiler the regular operates on gravity and is fed by filling tanks in the loft. Along with the boiler this system has a hot water tank that stores the hot water. 

Generally these boilers are suitable for large families that have a high hot water demand. These types of boilers are becoming outdated due to the low water pressure that is delivered to taps and showers.

Again the system boiler much like the regular, requires a seperate hot water cylinder that will produce your hot water. Unlike the regular boiler a system boiler does not require a seperate cold water tank as it takes cold water from the mains water supply. We generally advise customers who live in large houses with 3 or more bathrooms to consider a system boiler, they are not suitable for small homes with limited space.

After years of experience LM Plumbers Worcester only work with the best boiler brands. We install only the most effecient and reliable boilers including Ideal, Vaillant & Worcetser Bosch. As one of the best boiler installers in the Worcester area we are able to offer extended warranty of up to 12 years on selected models. Most other installers can only provide a 10 year maximum warranty.

All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered. At LM Plumbers we take this seriously, the safety of your property & it´s occupants is always our main priority. Ask to see our offical identity cards.

Do you Need a Boiler Replacement?

It is a myth that all boilers need replacing every 10 years. A very well-maintained boiler can function well beyond 15 years. There are some signs to look out for (some more serious than others) that we have listed below.

All boilers now come with an efficiency rating and A-rated boilers will run at above 90% efficiency. When your boiler has started to lose its efficiency it will consume more energy to perform it´s function which will lead to you paying more for your energy.

Some estimates say that you could spend over £300 a year more to run a boiler with a lower efficiency rating. These figures are based on heating a large family home and may be much less depending on your property and heating needs.

If you are experiencing regular faults with your boiler you will certainly know you have an issue. With boiler repairs not being cheap at this stage you should certainly consider changing your boiler as the cost of patching up problems will soon grow to that of a new boiler replacement.

We always advise customers to get their boiler serviced regulary througout it´s lifespan as this will do wonders to keep it ticking along nicely for many years.


The flame within your boiller should always burn blue. If it has changed to a yellow/orange colour then it is a sign that it is producing Carbon Monoxide. This is a very serious issue and you should contact a Gas Safe engineer immediatley to come and assess the problem. We advise our customers to install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes for this reason.

We are all used to hearing the odd noise from our heating system or radiators especially in an older property. But if you notice that these noises are increasing or your radiators start to make a repetetive banging or tapping noise then can be an indication of a clogged system.

This does not necessarily mean that you require a boiler replacement, it could mean that you require a cleaning or flushing of your heating system. One of our engineers could quickly assess this for you and advise on the best course of action.

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