Save Money With A-Rated Boilers

Put over £300 in your pocket each year with an energy efficient boiler

Boilers are becoming more efficient every year. With rising energy prices and global warming pressures, this innovation is more important than ever. If you are looking to install a new boiler in your home then it is important that you research the market and choose the most efficient boilers available. A-rated boilers can bring your annual energy costs down by over £300.

With an energy efficiency of over 90%, A-rated oil boilers are the most cost effective on the market and all come with a stamp of approval from the energy saving trust. Installing a top of the range A-rated boiler will be more expensive than installing a lower quality boiler, however with annual savings of £300 these boilers are by far the most cost effective providing over £3,000 savings over a 10 year period.

3 Different types of oil boiler

Combi (combination) Oil Boiler

Combi boilers provide heating and hot water on demand.  A key benefit of the combi boiler is the fact that they do not require tanks or cylinders making it a more compact space-saving option. One of the negative aspects of the combi is the lack of a backup immersion, so if the boiler breaks you will be left with no hot water until your boiler is repaired.

Regular Oil Boiler

The regular oil boiler or a heat-only boiler as it is sometimes called requires storage tanks. Unlike the combi boiler the regular needs to have both a hot and a cold storage tank. This boiler will fill up the hot water tank which is more often than not stored in the loft. Generally these boilers of suitable for large families who have a high hot water demand.

System Boiler

Again the system boiler much like the regular, requires a separate hot water cylinder that will produce your hot water. Unlike the regular boiler, a system boiler does not require a separate cold water tank as it takes cold water from the mains water supply. We generally advise customers who live in large houses with 3 or more bathrooms to consider a system boiler, they are not suitable for small homes with limited space.

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How do I choose thr right boiler for my home?

We have partnered with some of the industry leading boiler manufaturers who are leading the way in boiler efficency advancements. Some of the brands we work with include ideal, Worcester Bosch, Vaillant. We can advise you on the latest and most effective boilers to match your property and your budget. We don´t just install boilers, we are here to offer expert guidance to help you make the smart choice.

And as always, trust the triangle!

No matter what heating system you choose, make sure that your installer is fully qualified. At LM Plumbers worcester we take this seriously and all of our engineers are fully qualified and gas safe registered. Before agreeing to any work check your installers credentials. We always carry our gas safe cards and we will always provide it upon request for your peace of mind. Stay safe and trust the triangle.


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