Is your boiler winter ready?

As the weather has taken a turn for the worse over the last couple of weeks, we have seen a steep rise in calls for boiler repairs.
Most of us turn our heating system off over the summer months and they can sometimes become faulty during this period. Your hot water may be working just fine, but when you turn the boiler back on, you may find that you have problems with your heating.
Testing your heating system only takes 10 minutes and we recommend that you do it ASAP before the real cold weather comes.
The winter months, like most other heating companies, are our busiest period, if you do have an issue with your heating system, identifying it now could save you a long wait to get it fixed further down the line.
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To check your heating is functioning properly:
1. Firstly check that your central heating control/timer is set to on mode.
2. If you have a thermostat, set it to max
3. Turn all radiators on. (valves with numbers set to max, numberless valves should be fully opened).
4. Within 5/10 minutes you should start to feel your radiators heat.
5. If all the radiators heat up properly your system is working fine! Either turn the heating system back off or reset the temp to your preferred level.
If you do experience any issues during this process and you feel that you may have a problem with your heating, get in contact and we will book in for a boiler service ASAP.

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