How to use a Worcester Bosch boiler

A guide to Worcester Bosch Boiler controls

Understanding how your Worcester boiler works will go a long way to you keeping it functioning properly and efficiently. in this post, we will explain some of the new Worcester Bosch boiler controls and  how they work.


A boiler timer, or boiler clock, is a basic control and lets you set the time your system produces hot water. This enables you to establish different times, and temperatures for your heating and hot water. In older boilers the timer may look like a clock on the front of the boiler, newer Worcester bosch boilers will show the timer on the front as a digital screen. It is important to understand that controls that are not functioning properly will waste energy and raise the cost of your bills. 

Room Thermostats

With a room thermostat, you can select the perfect temperature for the room. Worcester has a range of intelligent room thermostats that reduce energy consumption through optimised efficiency. Thermostats should be placed on the landing or in the hallway and never in direct sunlight. 

Programmable Room Thermostats

The programmer allows you to set multiple room temperatures for different rooms and you can adjust the temperature automatically at different times of the day. When done correctly this can is a very efficient way to heat your home as you never need to heat a room from cold and you only require a slight top-up to achieve the desired temperature. 

Load Compensation

Load compensation governs the level of heat in the radiators. For example, if your home is very cold the load compensation feature will put a high level of heat into the radiators. When the room becomes warmer the level of heat will be reduced as the energy requirement is lower, this efficient feature saves energy and money. 


Weather Compensation

This very clever function monitors the weather via a sensor that is placed outside. If it detects cold outside then it will command the boiler to provide more heat o the radiators and likewise, if it detects warmer weather then it will reduce the level of heat being supplied. Clever stuff!

Weather Compensation Controller

The weather compensation controller on the Greenstar energy Worcester range is a really smart feature. The display is modern looking and touch screen which provides all of the important information to increase comfort and reduce your energy bills by over 4% due to better efficiency. The controller provides 6 different heating and hot water settings so you will always achieve the perfect temperature that you are looking for. 

Worcester MT10RF Mechanical Thermostat

This thermostat enables the homeowner to set day and night temperatures for the central heating system. It´s a mechanical thermostat that gives you total control 24 hours a day. This thermostat can be used with any of the Worcester Greenstar combi boiler ranges. It is extremely accurate and uses requires no wiring or drilling to install it simply attaches to your boiler making it super easy to install. 

Greenstar Comfort I Wireless Plugin Programmer

The Greenstar wireless plugin programmer when compared to the MT10 outlined above is, without doubt, a superior controller. It regulates the boiler temperature more efficiently and the controls are lightning-fast. The device also offers a 5-year warranty as an extra which is always a bonus. Below are a few of the key benefits:

  • Better efficiency due to fast, smart conversations from the controls to the boiler.
  • Like with the MT10 there is no need for wring so installation is easy, the wireless signal is extremely strong. 
  • Pre-set heating and hot water program
  • Modern straightforward and easy to use navigation menu
  • It even comes with holiday mode which includes frost protection so you can relax while you are away! 

Greenstar Comfort II RF Wireless Programmer

Greenstar Comfort II is a combination of both a programmer that is directly plugged into the boiler and a room thermostat that provides access to all controls at one single location. This top-of-the-range digital timer also comes with an optional 5-year warranty. Below are some of the main benefits:

  • Easily program and control heating and hot water at room temperature with multiple control options
  • Six Heating Control settings and up to three Hot Water Timings per day
  • The most efficient interaction between control and boiler
  • No wiring is required and it has an extremely reliable RF signal
  • Easy menu navigation

It is clear that Worcester Bosch has listened to their customers and the 

new range of Comfort controls are easier to install and use and in the opinion of most installers and users they are the best on the market.

Worcester Bosch Smart Controls

A home’s central heating and hot water consume over 80% of the entire energy needs of the property. Because of this smart controls have been designed to reduce this consumption and homeowners are now starting to realise the benefits of making their home more energy-efficient. The evolution of mobile technology has also made this transition easier as smart controls can be used on tablets and mobile phones when you are not at home. The auto settings that control the temperature based on the current weather are a huge advancement in energy-saving technology. Worcester Bosch is at the forefront of heating technology and we cant wait to see what they bring out next! 


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